General Policies

  • Check-in is 1:00 PM. 
  • Check-out is 11:00 AM.
  • Please contact us at 386-767-0095 if you expect to arrive more than 24 hours after your check-in time.
  • Otherwise, your deposit/payments will be forfeited and your site becomes available for others to rent.  
  • If you arrive late, you must still pay for site as reserved.
  • In consideration for all of our guests, quiet time is 10:00 PM - 8 AM.
  • Rates quoted are for 2 people, tax not included.
  • 20 Amp electrical sites are not permitted to run A/C or high amp items.
  • Due to the risk of infestation from other areas, outside firewood is not allowed to be brought into the campground. If you would like firewood, we can provide that for a small fee.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • There are absolutely no refunds. 

    (Due to the intricate details of our pricing, we cannot issue refunds, except where noted in the policies above. Nova Campground thanks you for your cooperation and understanding on this matter.)

Cancellation Policy

  • If you provide a written request for cancellation at least 30 days prior to your check-in (or the first day of event period, whichever occurs first) we will honor the cancellation for a small fee of $20.
  • Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to check-in are ineligible for refund.
  • For non-events, a full refund (minus a $20 handling fee) will be issued if cancellation is made prior to 48 hours before check-in.  
  • For non-events, if cancellation is made within 48 hours of check-in, no payments will be refunded.
  • All electric & water sites, plus cabins rentals, must be paid 30 days in advance of the first night of your stay, or prior to the start of event, whichever comes first.

Pet Policy

  • Animals must be leashed at all times.
  • Pets must do business on your site.
  • You must clean up after your pets. 
  • If they do their business while strolling around park, it is to be cleaned up immediately.
  • Any undeclared pets will be removed from the park immediately (see General Park Info & Rules for restrictions).
  • Failure to clean up after your pets will result in the whole campsite being removed from the park without a refund.
  • Please do not leave your pet unattended in the park.
  • The following breeds have certain restrictions (please call the office for further information): Pit Bull, Doberman, Rottweiler, German Shepherd.
  • Unfortunately, no pets are allowed in our cabins.

Park Rules

  • Firewood is not permitted into the park.
  • We are not responsible for weather damage or theft.  Camping is at your own risk.
  • Dumpsters are provided and can be found marked on the park map. 
  • Please observe the traffic patterns indicated on your campground map. The speed limit is 5 MPH in park.
  • Vehicles that block sites or road, or that are parked on sites which have not been paid for, will be towed at owner's expense.
  • Please do not change your campsite without checking with the office. That site may already be assigned to someone else.
  • Be courteous to your fellow campers! Please keep your camping area clean for the next party and leave your site as you would like to find it.
  • The swimming pool is for registered guests only and there is no lifeguard on duty. Swimming is at your own risk.
  • Children under age 16 are not permitted in the pool area unless accompanied by a parent or responsible party.
  • We reserve the right to change your site or rate due to size requirements or unexpected developments.
  • Motorcycles or mini-bikes are only to be used for transportation in or out of the campground. Pleasure riding within the park is not permitted.
  • Absolutely NO FIREWORKS or FIREARMS are allowed.  Discharge of such is a violation of city and state ordinances.
  • Washing or repairing of vehicles / motorhomes in park is not permitted
  • Only one (1) R.V. per site is permitted. No subletting of trailers.
  • All clotheslines must be removed after using, no exceptions. Please do not attach clotheslines to trees, fences or poles. Clotheslines are not permitted after 6 PM.  
  • Management reserves the right to evict anyone from the campground for detrimental conduct or failure to observe the park rules and regulations.
  • Your guests are welcome! Just have them stop by the front office to get registered as a guest. 

Lastly, have fun & happy camping!